Editorial Process (peer review)

Peer Review Process

Each submitted manuscript will be reviewed by the editor within 1 week. Manuscripts received will be checked for compliance with the focus and scope as well as the as-salam journal template. If the manuscript does not match the template, then the author will be given 1 week to adjust the manuscript with the template. In the next stage, the script will be checked for similarity with ithenticate. The next process is article review.

Every submitted article is independently reviewed by at least a double-blind review (two peer-reviewers). This review stage will take from 1 week to 4 weeks. The decision for publication, amendment, or rejection is based upon their reports/recommendations.  After being reviewed, there will be four kinds of editor decisions based on reviewers’ recommendations:

  1. Accept Submission: The submission will be accepted without revisions.
  2. Revisions Required: The submission will be accepted after minor changes have been made.
  3. Resubmit for Review: The submission needs to be reworked, but with significant changes, may be accepted. It will require a second round of review, however.
  4. Decline Submission: The submission will not be published in the journal.

Article Revision

The articles sent back to the authors for revision should be returned to the editor without delay. The revised article returned later than 10 days will be considered as new submission. The revised article can be sent to the editorial through the Online Submission Interface.

The process from receipt of manuscripts to the publication of manuscripts will take up to 8 weeks.