Aims and Scope

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Multicultural Education and Social Studies (JOMESS) aims to promote research that explores the intersection of multicultural education and social studies, with a focus on fostering an inclusive and equitable society. The journal welcomes contributions in the following areas:
1. Multicultural education theories and practices
2. Social justice education
3. Culturally responsive teaching and learning
4. Equity and diversity in education
5. Intercultural communication and understanding
6. Global citizenship education
7. Critical pedagogy
8. Intersectionality in education
9. Indigenous education
10. Ethnic studies and curriculum development
11. History, politics, and social issues in education
12. Human rights education
13. Gender studies in education
14. Integration of technology and digital media in multicultural education
15. Culturally inclusive assessment and evaluation
16. Teacher education and professional development in multicultural contexts
17. Community engagement and partnerships in multicultural education
18. Educational policies and reforms promoting diversity and social justice
19. Research methods and methodologies in multicultural education and social studies.

JOMESS invites scholarly articles, research papers, literature reviews, case studies, and theoretical discussions that contribute to advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of multicultural education and social studies.